• 02 Feb
    It’s Time To Pay Attention To The Euro

    It’s Time To Pay Attention To The Euro

    • Currency movements can be easily explained through macro trends, but the timing isn’t that precise. However, long term investors can reach additional returns by following a few easy steps.
    • Cyclical currency patterns are natural, and under the influence of economic growth in the long term.
    • The dollar is approaching its peak and is ready to return to its historical mean.


    In last weekend’s Sunday Edition, Investiv Founder, Shane Rawlings, elaborated on how long term macro trends inflect exactly at the moment when there seems to be a general consensus that the trend will last for a long, long time.

    Nobody was buying stocks in 1981 because they thought high inflation would stay around forever. On the other hand, in the 1990s, people were convinced that the best investment was internet stocks. And in the 2000s, the conviction shifted to the real estate market as it seemed that the only way to go was up forever.

    Currently there is a strong conviction that the U.S. dollar is going to strengthen as interest rates rise and the U.S. economy grows, and while Europe continues with monetary easing. More →

  • 24 Nov
    Vacation In Europe? Definitely. Invest There? Not So Fast…

    Vacation In Europe? Definitely. Invest There? Not So Fast…

    • The situation in Europe is getting better and will improve further due to its weak currency.
    • The stock market is, however, still risky due to high valuations. But as inflation picks up and required returns increase, stocks should become cheaper.
    • As Europe is very segmented, many risks can arise, so waiting for better risk reward opportunities will pay off.


    In the last two years, the dollar has moved strongly against the Euro while the European stock indexes practically haven’t gone anywhere despite the BREXIT, the Deutsche Bank crisis, and the upcoming Italian referendum.

    Today we’ll analyze the current risk reward situation for U.S. investors wanting to diversify into Europe by analyzing currencies, valuations, and the general politic and economic risks Europe holds. More →