• 12 Jan
    Want Financial Independence? Read This

    Want Financial Independence? Read This

    • When aiming for retirement or financial independence, risk shouldn’t make up part of the equation.
    • We’ll discuss a few investment strategies that bring passive income at minimum risk and can lead to financial independence.
    • Your life can change with a few simple adjustments.


    I recently received a message from a 28-year-old reader who asked me what I thought about his chances for financial independence with what he has saved so far. He has been working for the past 8 years at more than 2 jobs on average, and has managed to save $250k, which is something to praise.

    The answer to his question could be of value to most investors, from those who want to quit their jobs to have more time, or those who just can’t wait to retire, so I decided to dig deeper and write an article about it. More →

  • 03 Jul
    Why Buffett Bought Store Capital & What We Can Learn From It

    Why Buffett Bought Store Capital & What We Can Learn From It

    • Analyzing Buffett’s purchase can give us excellent insight into how good investments can be found in any environment.
    • STOR still offers a 7.7% AFFO yield for 2017, a 5% dividend yield, and expected growth of over 5% per year.
    • REITs’ performance is closely related to interest rates, but when you find one where the yield is satisfying and the risk is low for your portfolio, well, then you don’t have to care much about what’s going on in the economy or with interest rates.


    If you’ve been reading Investiv Daily for a while, you know I’m always using Warren Buffett as an example of investing excellence.

    Buffett has been doing the same simple things over and over again for the last 52-years, thus since present management took over at Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK.A, BRK.B), and has been extremely successful with average yearly gains of 19% compared to the S&P 500’s 9.7% with dividends.

    So when Warren Buffett buys a specific stock, it’s important to analyze the purchase in order to learn as much as possible from it. More →

  • 25 May
    Building The Best Portfolio For The Upcoming Recession

    Building The Best Portfolio For The Upcoming Recession

    • Stocks will be hit badly. Low price earnings and high book values can provide some safety.
    • Bonds look much better than last year.
    • Alternative investments can be a jack-pot for your portfolio.


    Yesterday we discussed how a recession is imminent, especially if the trending down credit growth turns negative.

    The most important thing now for investors is to prepare for such an event. Today, we’re going to dig deeper into the recession-related investing risks as different asset classes will be affected differently. More →

  • 22 Mar
    Here’s What You Need To Know If You’re Counting On Dividend Income

    Here’s What You Need To Know If You’re Counting On Dividend Income

    • I’ll analyze the dividend environment by describing the risk reward scenario for dividend income investors.
    • The ‘monthly dividend company’ will still remain so, but you’ll be able to buy it at a 30% off, or even cheaper.
    • Whatever you’re doing, just don’t chase yields as that is the fastest way to lose a lot of money in this market.


    What dividend investors don’t like is uncertainty, especially uncertainty related to their dividend income. Nevertheless, uncertainty is exactly the feeling many investors have in this environment, not because of the market as the indexes are constantly breaking records, but because there is a certain feeling in the air that things might soon change and nobody knows how the financial world will look afterward. More →

  • 28 Dec
    2017 Looks Like Another Excellent Trading Year

    2017 Looks Like Another Excellent Trading Year

    • Rebalancing your portfolio between sectors and markets should lower your risks and increase your returns in 2017.
    • 2016 is an excellent example of how such a strategy works when the general stock market is overvalued.
    • Things like avoiding REITs in August 2016 or entering metals will be easy to spot and act upon, even in 2017.

    Approaching The Current Market Risk Reward Puzzle

    A recent Wall Street Journal article raised the question of whether investors looking to get into the market now are too late for the Dow 20,000 party. Many investors watched the 7-year stock bull market from the side-lines after they got burned during the latest financial crisis and didn’t overcome their anxiety and invest again. The article suggested that investing now is a good thing to do if you are a long-term investor. More →

  • 31 Oct
    REITs – Still A No Go As Risks Are Rising

    REITs – Still A No Go As Risks Are Rising

    • With yields going up, REITs have fallen 10% since the beginning of August.
    • With Italy issuing a 50-year bond at a 2.85% yield, we question the intelligence of the investors who bought them.
    • With REITs you are risking a 50% decline in the next few years for a 3.5% yield.

    What’s Going On With REITs?

    On August 3, 2016, we discussed Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and how they weren’t a great investment at the time. You can read the article that introduces you to what REITs are and their risk and rewards here.

    Since the beginning of August, REITs have fallen by 10% (iShares U.S. real estate ETF – IYR) compared to the S&P 500 which was practically flat. More →

  • 03 Aug
    Investing In REITs Is Great, But Not Right Now

    Investing In REITs Is Great, But Not Right Now

    • On one hand, REITs offer higher dividend yields, inflation protection, real estate diversification.
    • On the other, REITs are highly leveraged and consequently have more downside when economic circumstances turn.
    • Don’t get tempted by the higher dividend yields of the general REIT market now, security selection is the only option for profitable longer term REIT investments.


    As we promised in our farmland article, today we are going to talk about Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). We are going to discuss what REITs are, what benefits they offer, what risks there are with them and what the current market perception for them is, whether overvalued or undervalued. More →

    By Sven Carlin Investiv Daily REITs